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Celebes (Elephant Celebes) - Max Ernst, 1921
From the Tate Collection’s website:

The boiler-like monster to which the title refers is, like the rest of the painting, highly ambiguous. It has a horned head with apparently sightless eyes, but a pair of tusks projecting on the left suggests the possible presence of a second head (or perhaps the real head?) on the other side. Its neck seems to consist of a long snake-like coil which emerges from a hole in its upper section; the top is surmounted by a brightly-coloured construction containing a mysterious eye. It seems to be standing in a large open space, but there are also indications that it is embedded in a solid background, while two fishes swim in the sky above. Three upright objects stand around it, while in the bottom corner a headless mannequin figure with a raised arm appears to be beckoning the monster towards it. 

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Picture of Spatial Growths - Picture with Two Small Dogs - Kurt Schwitters, 1920-39
From the Tate Modern’s website:

This assemblage of discarded rubbish and printed ephemera was begun in Germany in 1920. In 1937, Schwitters fled Nazi Germany and went to Norway, where he added layers of Norwegian material: theatre tickets, receipts, newspaper cuttings, scraps of lace, and a box with two china dogs. The different layers of collage reflect the artist’s journey into exile. Schwitters coined the term Merz to describe this form of art, which arranges the detritus of urban civilization in a highly ordered composition.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Earth, 1984

Jean Arp, Human Concretion without Oval Bowl, 1933

Richard Avedon, Elizabeth Taylor, 1964

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By Ivanesa Luna

Dreaming (by Ivanesa Luna)

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By Ivanesa Luna
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